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For many women, confidence is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal to enhance their career, social lives, and most important, their spirits.


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons women should always feel proud and powerful:


Increased Personal Value – Pride and confidence can make you smile and joke more, making people around you feel better as well. You also become open to new ideas and can be more responsive to what others are saying. Confidence can be magical and contagious.


Attract Attention – People are attracted to those who are positive, prideful and who feel good about themselves. Women can show confidence without being arrogant as true inner strength and a feeling of worthiness attracts positive attention. If it’s hard for you to feel this way, you should fake it until you genuinely believe in it! By behaving confidently, people will you treat you like a strong, confident woman.


Better Health – Proud and powerful people tend to have better health. They know how to deal with situations confidently. The inability to manage chaos can cause increased stress and anxiety and the emotional pressure of many situations could cause various health issues, such as nausea, insomnia, colds, headaches and higher blood pressure. Prolonged stress could contribute to more serious problems, including hypertension and stroke.


Better Relationships With Family And Friends – Proud and powerful women can leave their work behind when interacting with family and friends. Good relationships with these important people in your personal life will have a positive impact on their productivity. After spending a fun weekend or holiday season away, women are often better equipped in handling tough challenges in the work place.


Better Professional Relationships – Proud and powerful women know that good professional relationships are essential for their careers. Confident people always make positive contributions in the workplace and powerful women can make important decisions quickly even when under great pressure.


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